Major Projects

Al Mosel Olympic Stadium  


New Fallujah Hospital

A joint venture project with Al Hamed Contracting Company and Al Hawarth Est : with capacity of 200 beds; a turn-key comprehensive project including establishing buildings, departments and various functional units and provide them with all the medical and therapeutic equipment, furniture and consumables.


Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology

A joint venture project with Al Hamed Contracting Company and Al Hawarth Est at Fallujah new hospital (the expansion), it’s a turn-key project for a 80 beds capacity equipped hospital, including establishing buildings and sections, in addition to provide all medical and  supplies devices.


Tikrit General Hospital (Rehabilitation)

A joint venture project with Al Hawarth Est in Salahuddin province, where the 400-bed’s capacity hospital is equipped with supplies, materials, public safety equipment and some civil works under a contract with the United Nations Development Program UNDP and funded by the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation JICA.


Project of Sulphur Purification facility

Al Hawarth   through its sister company Al Qasas proudly signed “Teaming Agreement of Partnership” with The very well known US Company Devco USA who represent one of the worldwide leaders in sulphur and sulphur purification industries ,to reassemble ,build ,operate ,test and commission of the US$78.8 Million award for a turn-key installation of a complete sulphur purification facility at Mishraq Sulphur Mine in Mosul/Iraq. This sulphur purification system includes a Submerged Combustion Distillation System, Sulphur Recovery Unit and Sulphur Filtration. This project will done in cooperation between Devco USA, the developer of the system the US company CTI consulting and AlHawarth  and Al Qasas . The purification unit will have a production capacity of 500,000 metric tons a year increasable to reach one million metric tons a year. Al Mishraq Sulphur company will own and operate the facility, plans to retail the purified sulphur output in Iraq for domestic and for export uses. Sulphur is a key ingredient in fertilizer and therefore is in demand within the agricultural sector.



In 2010 Al Hawarth and Al Qasas supplied Mishraq Sulphur state Company / Iraq- Mosul, complete multimillions of USD of two mobile rigs with alt accessories and tools in cooperation of the American company GEFCO . The project included the implementation of all needed services, training , spare parts , guarantee etc. 


Rehabilitation of many medical centers and directorates in Iraq including electrical, mechanical and medical supplies.


Construction of buildings of Department of Research and Industrial Development of Ministry of Science and Technology in Iraq.


Construction of Ramadi Mega Mall at Ramadi City – Al Anbar province, which will be constructed on a land of 24000 Square meter surface and of a capital amounting to USD54M - Under construction .  


Haditha Refinery of Petrol Project 

The project is an investment project which will be carried  out by our group of companies  and through the sister company RH For Oil & Services Company  to design , build , develop , own , finance , operate , and maintain Haditha  Refinery of Petrol in The Anbar Governorate  with a total capacity of 70,000-bpd  , the project is based on Build- Own- Operate basis( BOO)


Rehabilitation for Iraqi Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation

The project was executed in cooperation and alliance with Al Hamed Contracting Company ,the project included the work of  internal and external construction, electrical and mechanical systems, furnishing and Service systems, low voltage systems, protection and safety systems , Lighting , Audiovisual systems  ,and other low current systems.


Al Madena Al Mumayaza Project 

This project was executed together with our sister company Al-Tareek Al- Saheeh For General Trading & Contracting Company Ltd .

A residential complex located at a District of 7 km in the city of Ramadi, Specifically in the area between the old Heat’s road and the Highway.

This complex is erected on land area of approximately 100 Dunums, The complex includes (498) residential house, divided in three categories as shown in the following table:



The complex also includes integrated services of modern style, which provides for the residents full comfort, and release them from many burdens and problems usually faced by residents, particularly service aspects.

We have named this project “the distinguished city” for it has real distinctive characteristics in all aspects; we have been keen to worth its name, and to be a landmark of Anbar province.

Major public services in the distinguished city:

1. Private elementary school

2. Private secondary school

3. Central modern trading Mall

4. Integrated medical Center.

5. Social club with a large closed half Olympic swimming pool.

6. Kindergarten and nursery designed with an attractive architectural style. 


Prospect Project:


 Highway project which links the border Trebil with Baghdad city  .  (In process).




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