Who we are

Al-HAWARTH Group was established in Amman, Jordan in 1999, a specialized group serving the Iraqi market.

Al Hawarth Group has committed to adopting an ambitious program that aims to transform its business in accordance with established commercial principles. 

The Group has developed clear strategies and strategies in terms of qualifying its employees and reviewing and improving its performance towards its customers in current and future projects.

The Group continuously works to respond to the requirements of the Iraqi market and to keep the up dating of the technical developments in the fields of engineering and commercial specialization, bearing in mind that this is the best way in which the Group establishes its position in a changing world where projects and needs are growing.



Exist to make our customers, companies, services, successful through determination, creativity   and passion.



We aim to maintain our position being a leading group that connects and grows communities with caring services. A  team of dedicated professionals.  Delivery best practices and olutions that make a difference.


Core values :


Work together ,  Enjoy our work ,strive for the best , create solutions , achieve our targets with integrity , respect , teamwork and prouding quality 


Main Sectors - Businesses Activities of  Al HAWARTH Group

• Engineering, projects and contracting Works

• Civil Engineering, infrastructural and roads engineering 

• Building Services, Housing projects and Real estate Investments

• Mining and Energy sector 

• Medical and Healthcare Sector works -

• Oil & Gas Works and Petroleum Services

• Communication & Telecommunication 

• Transport & Logistic Services 

• General Trading and Services.


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